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Why Invictus?

At Invictus Physical Therapy, we do things differently. We strive to add a personal touch to therapy. We prioritize your needs and goals and believe you deserve individualized attention and care. Here, you aren’t just a patient, you’re an integral part of a team. Our providers are among the most educated and highly credentialed therapists in Philadelphia, and we use that expertise to get you back to doing the things you love, whether that’s running marathons or playing with your grandkids. 

We take a collaborative approach to ensure that you have an active role in determining the direction of your care. We believe that patients heal the best when they work with an expert therapist who understands your body and goals.

Our Values

We started Invictus so we could practice physical therapy in a way that prioritizes our values.


You’re a person, not just an injury. We know that no two patients or injuries are the same, which is why we tailor your treatment to your lifestyle and goals. We think you’re a part of your healthcare team. We’re not here to step into your life and alter what makes you, you. We work with you so that we are working towards the same goals. Our treatments should align with your beliefs and values. 

People Over Profits.

Our staff are here to help you achieve your health goals, not process a business transaction. Invictus operates as a healthcare co-op where all employees are entitled to a portion of the business’ profits and share in the managerial duties of the company. We do this to ensure that the way the company treats its staff is consistent with the way it treats its patients so everyone shares in your success and recovery.  We know we could make more money by seeing more patients and paying our staff less, but we like being able to provide individualized care where all our employees can earn a living.


You deserve expert care from a professional who stays with you until the job is done. We believe that you should be treated by no less than a fully-licensed therapist to ensure that you are making the most of your session. Our therapists have continued their education far beyond the entry-level degree to become top of their field, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands no matter who you see.


We believe you heal best by consistently working with the same therapist. It’s not your job to catch each therapist up with whatever the last one was doing, so we will do our best to ensure that you see the same clinician who understands your case thoroughly. Any session could be your turning point and we want to make sure that we don’t miss it.